March 11th, 2020 | Posted by admin in Uncategorized

After a couple of years in the creative wilderness ( having a second baby) i am trying to find the time to start some new projects. Last October i collaborated with fellow technicians from University of Leeds School of Performance & Cultural Industries to create a piece on the subject of sustainability. Artistic Director of stage@leeds Steve Ansell (my boss) wanted to create an urban jungle in the theatre foyer. Using lighting (including a bike powered EL wire sign saying HELP), sound, projection and a ‘tree’ made from crates and left over materials, we created the piece for the evening of Light Night 2019.

The sound was created using a combination of recorded ‘human’ jungle noises, soundscapes from both the urban and natural landscape and a live loop pedal that allowed visitors to add their own jungle sounds into the mix.

Currently i am working on a couple of ideas using an instrument i got for Christmas 2018 and also ideas around audio books for children.

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