My Music


I am interested in all types of music but am influenced in my work by composers Steve Reich and John Cage, as well as Irish and Celtic music. I am also influenced by my background in Theatre, where I have several years experience of creating sound for shows using a variety of editing techniques and operating sound for performance where creating atmosphere and sense of place is very important.


I use a mix of found sounds, musical instruments and the spoken word.
Musically I am a flautist and use the flute in much of my music. I have collected various instruments of a wind and percussive nature with which to record sounds. I use Logic to record, edit and mix my music and am especially interested in using editing techniques to create new sounds from recorded ones, whether musical or sound based; layering plays a large role in my soundscapes, with emphasis on changing and repetitive rhythmns.


You can listen to my pieces via links to Sound Cloud:
Icelandic Stories in Sound (2011)
Icelandic Winds Series
When Raining (2011)
Poetry remixes (2007): Bluebluebluemix
Musical pieces: Birdsongmix (2005);

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