Latest work

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You can hear my latest piece of work as part of the Palindrone Jukebox (The Reversing Machine exhibition) at The Tetley in Leeds until Feb 28th. The piece was designed to be played both forwards and in reverse. For more details of the exhibition go to:





My piece from the collaborative project is now on Soundcloud:

You can view pictures from the event at:



My latest work is part of a collaborative performance event in Warrington on November the 2nd. At the Edge of Darkness is a 2 hour event which is part of Warrington Contemporary Arts Festival.

warrington event poster

My work is an audio installation for headphones which is partly a response to one of Anna Barbauld’s poems, as well as a response to the writing and work of the other artists taking part, and the environment – Warrington Art Gallery and Museum.


I Performed live on NTSlive radio station, London on the 12th July, performing Sounds from the Studio (2013) and was interviewed by Graham Dunning whose Soundart radio show Fractal Meat on a Spongy Bone goes out between 8-10am every other Friday. I had a great time, and you can hear the show on the NTSlive website now.


On Friday morning i will be playing live during Soundart radio show Fractal Meat on a Spongy Bone – to listen go to:


I will be performing live on the internet radio show Fractal Meat on a Spongy Bone, from London on Friday July 12th. I will be performing a shortened re-mixed version of my light Night audio installation piece – newly titled – ‘Sounds from the studio’.  More information on where to listen coming soon.

Latest news from LPJ Collaboration

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Latest on the Icelandic Collaboration

My collaboration with Pat Hodson and Liz Cashdan has  resulted in a book called Iceland Stories which has an Audio CD of my reworking of Liz’s poems. Now an ebook for iPad is available and includes audio and video extras as well. It costs £9.49 and can be previewed and downloaded at:

For the printed version (cost £25 +P&P)  please email:

I am currently working on something for Light Night Leeds 2012 – a part performance, part installation piece.

Here are some excerpts from this work.




Current projects

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I am currently working on  a couple of projects. the last post talked about experiments with recording paper and the sounds made by tearing and scrunching paper. This is an ongoing collaborative project with Pat Hodson and Liz Cashdan – we are at the very beginning of this project so more about that in later posts.

The other project I am currently working on is for a submission to a collaborative project called ‘The Book of Disquiet’ – and here is some work in progress for this submission.


Work in progress

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Some new work in progress mixes.

Using the idea of paper – I recorded making sounds with different types of paper.